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I am delighted to introduce you to the first ever barn newsletter! I thought it might be fun to summarise another magical year of recording, and showcase the big family of musicians who have made the barn their musical home.

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Rob Quo - Let It Spin   (Spotify / Tidal)


Thankfully in April, they finally made lateral flow tests widely available and so we felt we could get back to work responsibly. After so many months cooped up in the dark months of winter, this rocky, super live EP from Rob Quo was exactly what we all needed, and my god did we have fun making it. I laughed so hard on this session that my face and ribs hurt! This recording week was all about community and friendship and you can really hear that in the music.


Rob Quo - Vocals/Guitar

Sam Crooks - Bass

Gus White - Drums 

Alex Chalstrey - Keys

Simeon Hammond Dallas - BVs

Rory 'Take It Away' Burden - Assistant Engineer

Let It Spin 1.png
Sam Crooks 1.png
Rob Quo.png
Sam Crooks 2.png
Let It Spin 2.png

Prima Queen - Chew My Cheeks (Spotify / Tidal


It was an honour to have Prima Queen and The Big Moon at the studio for a few days in April! I didn't do any of the recording or production on this, but I did make some great pesto pasta at one point and I think you can really hear that in the music actually. Prima Queen are just killing it at the moment and it’s been a privilege to be a part of their journey.


Prima Queen

The Big Moon

Prima Queen.png

Ben Cipolla - Enna (Spotify / Tidal


I felt very lucky to be asked to record a brass section on Ben Cipolla’s single Enna. Ben is an insanely talented musician and his music is joyous and heart rendering. His upcoming album is due to be released in 2022. I’ve heard it, and it’s out of this world, so keep a keen eye on this chap. It was also lovely to meet superb saxophonists Hannah and Izzy, and I look forward to working with them again sometime in the future next time I need some brass!


Ben Cipolla - Artist

Izzy Williams - Sax

Hannah Corcoran - Sax

ENNA 2.png
ENNA 1.png

Halomino - Blacklight (Acoustic Version) Video (Youtube / Spotify / Tidal)


A beautiful collaboration between Ben and superb pianist Oli Jones (and another opportunity for me to improve my videography skills!) Also check out the original version of this song which is a BOP!



Ben Cipolla - Vocals/Guitar

Oli Jones - Keys

Oli Jones.png

Kyoto Kyoto - Fenderr (Spotify / Tidal)


A pleasure to have these lovely chaps back to record some more earth-shattering, ferocious drumming. Kyoto have released three mind-bending and genre-defining tracks this year and there’s more madness on the way! Exciting band. Keep your ears peeled.


Kyoto Kyoto

Scott MacDonald - Drums

Levent Ceylan - Guitars Vocals

Kyoto Kyoto.png

Clare Kelly (Spotify / Tidal)


A blissful, joyful and injoke filled two week session in early July with the magical and nautical Clare Kelly, assistant engineer Fran Edwards and bassist Abi Sinclair. We created something really special and I can’t wait for you all to hear it! For now, have a listen to a previous recording we did!

Clare Kelly.jpg


Clare Kelly - Artist

Abi Sinclair - Bassist 

Fran Edwards - Assistant Engineer


Georgina Banks - Forget Me Nots (Spotify / Tidal)


This summer Rory Burden produced Georgina Banks debut EP at the barn. Extremely proud of both of them! They put together a beautiful EP!


Georgina Banks - Artist

Rory Burden - Producer

Forget Me Nots.png

Modica - Youtube


Ben and Eleanor once again put my videography skills to the test with a series of cover videos for weddings. If anyone’s looking for the perfect wedding duo these guys are the one. They also happen to be the loveliest, funniest people you’ll ever meet, so I’m looking forward to introducing these guys to you at the next barn party.



Ben Cipolla - Vocals, guitar

Hesta Banks - Vocals, guitar

Considerate Neighbours


Matt Fowler, Jake Asserati and I threw together three tracks for the good old times. Should be released early next year! We had such wholesome and boyish fun on this session! Big up to 16 year old Josh who was our assistant engineer for the week on work experience - legend.


Matt Fowler - Guitar Vocals

Jake Asserati - Bass

Gus White - Drums


The Maple Sound - The Road Not Taken (Spotify / Tidal


A long and fulfilling collaboration came to fruition this August in the making of The Road Not Taken, a deeply moving Christmas song that you simply have to listen to!! (listen now while it’s still vaguely Christmassy or else you’ll have to wait a year haha). Special mentions to Chris Falla, for his innate songring talent and endless trust in me, to Daniel Springate for his splendid string and choir arrangements, Jamie Falla for his superb piano playing and all the other lovely people who helped along the way. Definitely my favourite Christmas song ever.

The Road Not Taken.png


Chris Falla - Artist (The Maple Sound)

Daniel Springate - String and choir arrangement, Cello, Bass

Tom Crofton Green - Violin and Choir

Freya Hicks - Viola and Choir

Jamie Falla - Piano 

Gus White - Drums


Rob Quo - Now I See The Birds (Spotify / Tidal)


This might be Rob’s most accomplished EP to date, and it was absolute bliss to work with him on it. The pastoral purity of this record is truly overwhelming, enhanced further by Daniel Springate’s superlative arrangements, Sam Crooks iconic bass playing, and of course, Rob Quo’s unique and undeniable talent.


Rob Quo - Guitar Vocals 

Sam Crooks - Double Bass

Gus White - Drums

Ed Cross - Piano, Clarinet and Trombone

Daniel Springate - String arrangement and Cello 

Tom Crofton Green - Violin

Abbie James - Violin

Freya Hicks - Viola 

Gian Maitelli - Photography

Rob Quo Strings.jpg
Ed Cross.png
Rob Quo 2.png
Sam Crooks 3.png

Tracy Lee Norman 


A peaceful and inspiring week at the studio with Tracy, Amelia, Sam Crooks, Ed Cross and myself. Sometimes you just get the right group of people together, and everyone becomes so comfortable with each other that they become better versions of themselves. Tracy’s music has a spiritual quality that gets you right down in your soul, and her voice is effortlessly beautiful. (Releasing sometime in 2022). You’ll just have to wait!


Tracy Lee Norman - Artist, Vocals

Sam Crooks - Double Bass

Gus White - Drums, Guitar 

Ed Cross - Piano, Trombone

Daniel Springate - String arrangement and Cello 

Tom Crofton Green - Violin

Freya Hicks - Viola  

Amelia Lawn - Assistant Engineer


Laura Fell (Spotify / Tidal)

It was an honour to finally get my talented and good friend Laura to the studio to record another one of her magnificent songs (released 2022 sometime). Please check out her album that she released last year, it is a masterpiece!! Laura is a low key songwriting genius.


Laura Fell - Vocals, Guitar

Gus White - BVs



A splendid and cosy beginning to what I hope will be many joyous barn parties! Hoping to expand this further and further each year. Maybe one day it will be a small festival. This is our chance to really come together and create more of a community so come get involved! Please pencil in 30th July for next year’s Summer Barn Party.

Summer Barn Party 2.png
Summer Barn Party 1.png
summer barn_edited_edited.png
Cahnges to studio_edited_edited.png


Some bad news for lovers of the old Blüthner Grand Piano - I got rid of it. (SORRY!!!)

BUT, it has been replaced by a spectacular, and all round much better, Blüthner Upright which is even older! This thing was made in Germany in 1910 and you can hear the history pouring out of it. (And yes this one is actually concert pitch haha). It’s one of those rare instruments that begins a conversation with you as soon as you start playing, giving you subtle hints and encouragements. Custom fitted with celeste bar and flashy new wheels, the piano arrived mid December and has been settling in nicely. After a tune on 4th January it should be ready to go! Can’t wait to get it on some of your records!


Hohner Pianet

I found this thing on the street, and it turns out it’s a super rare classic electric piano used on many classic records including the Beatles’ I Am The Walrus. Paid £400 to get it fixed up,  because it turns out it's worth a few grand! (Thank you, Universe! I don’t deserve you). Safe to say, it has character in spades! Just like the trusty old harmonium, it inspires new ideas as soon as you start playing. You’ll love this old thing!



I’m taking my videography to the next level with this incredible gimbal. For those who don’t know, it stabilises the camera for an extremely smooth and professional feel! Already proving very useful.

Changes To Gus_edited_edited.png
  • I have finished at GMS and I’m going full freelance. Looking forward to having the time to make even more records with you guys!

  • Having moved out of London, I am based at the studio now full time, but hoping to visit London a couple of times a month to keep in touch with people, as well as finding a foothold in Bristol and start working with bands there too.

  • Lots of sessions already booked or pencilled in for 2022 which is great! Looking like a busy and productive start to the year.

  • Hoping to throw a little nerdfest party in March, bringing together some of the producer/engineer friends that I know and spending a good afternoon and evening drinking and getting all the nerdiness out of our system! If you are interested in this, give me a shout. I’ll probably throw an email out about it in the next few weeks. 

  • Summer Barn Party. As mentioned, the party is pencilled in for 30th July for now. More details to follow later in the year.

Next year 1.png
Thank you_edited.png

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, and thank you for trusting me with your music! I’m looking forward to many more collaborations next year and to building a community between you all. Stay safe out there my lovelies, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Gus x

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